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Empower Me With Bec... My 30-day program designed to support you to not just lose weight, but embrace a healthy lifestyle for long term healthy weight management

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Don't Work...

And how my approach is different!

A diet is a short-term action that fails to teach you what you need to know for a long term healthy weight management solution. They focus on how you look rather than how you feel, results rather than growth and short-term goals rather than development of lifelong healthy habit development. This is why the weight gain statistics after diet phases are so high!


I am excited by the movement in the weight loss and weight management industries, that is seeing a client cantered 'mind-body' approach. Meaning, trained, and educated professionals that look at the cause of a person being overweight, and developing personalised strategies for long term healthy weight and lifestyle management.

My program is different because I choose to see you as a whole person and want to support you to feel your best!

You are not my next 'transformation boast' on Instagram. You are not my next 'statistic'. You are not my best 'result'.




I believe that in a world full of diet, training, and nutritional babble, more than ever, you need to be empowered. You need the knowledge, opportunity, and support to choose what is best for your overall health and wellness. Empower Me with Bec is different because of instead of spending 6 weeks telling you to move more and eat less, I provide an opportunity for growth, through activities designed to teach you how and why you came to be overweight. We identify and strategizing how to overcome potential barriers to change. We then create a wellness plan to record the steps you need to take to not only lose weight to achieve a goal but keep it off for an improved quality of life.


Gaining the required knowledge for informed choice.


Opportunity to grow through experience and reflection.


Support to overcome barriers and seek help when needed.


Self-belief and confidence to embrace change as growth.