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Effective marketing means placing your business in the attention of the customers with the means and motivation to engage. For brand build strategy, this may involve likes, comments or shares on a social media post, story or video. For lead generation strategy, this may involve the action to visit a website, email sign up or to purchase an offer or deal.

Marketing your business or services is now more targeted, accurate and accountable than ever before. Digital platforms allow us to research our ideal customer, giving insight fro effective marketing activity.

Creating content that attracts the attention of your ideal customer means creating content that creates an emotional connection. Followed by inspiration or urgency to take action.

Target markets V’s Customer Profiles

You may have heard of target markets, demographics, psychographics and personas. Before you plan your next marketing campaign or promotion, you will want to clarify and plan in the context of your number one customer!

The following paragraphs tell you a little more about a common profile and demographic terms, followed by a more comprehensive example of customer profiling. As well as an outline about why a simple target audience and demographic is just not good enough for a modern market.

Why you need a detailed customer profile

As technology and social sharing platforms have developed, we now have the ability to learn more about, reach and interact with our ideal customers and clients. A profile of your ideal customer can be specific and targeted in order to reach the most likely person to engage with your business. Potentially increasing your Return on investment (R.O.I).

Furthermore, the detailed knowledge we now have about our audience, customer and clients empowers us to create content that is more likely to get attention, connect and start a relationship. A business has more potential to serve the needs of it's customers - than ever before, as it has more opportunity to know and grow a relationship with it's customers.

Demographic, Socioeconomic and psycho-graphics

Instead of simply ‘knowing’ details about a target market, we have the ability to ‘understand your ideal customer’. When you understand a personality you are empowered to create content that attracts attention, evokes an emotional response and prompts action. The details of your customers can be divided into 3 separate sections:


  • age

  • gender

  • ethnicity

  • education


  • household income

  • occupation

  • neighborhood

  • association memberships


  • behaviours

  • beliefs

  • personality

  • hobbies

  • interests

  • style

  • humor

  • anxieties/fears

  • hopes/dream

You can assign labels to your customers to help identify their personality, motivation and approach.

Labels for your ideal customer:

  • Leader / Follower

  • Buyer / Seller

  • Thinker / Doer

  • Resists change / Embraces change

  • Decision maker / Indecisive

  • Has more power in a group / Has less power in a group

  • Extroverted networker / Introverted solo player

  • Strong opinions / Open-minded

  • Has expert knowledge / Is a beginner

Understanding these attributes will help you in knowing how to communicate your message to your ideal customers in a way that will evoke a response. It may also be insightful to complete a personality profile for your ideal customer. Learning their personality type can support you to understand, empathise and service customers and clients with respect and professionalism. Not to mention supporting your business development by celebrating your niche and creating the best possible experience for them.

Want the ultimate customer profile template?

Download my 'Ultimate Customer Profile' E-book Workbook HERE. It is a comprehensive guide and template to support you to explore your customers in more detail, understand the people you are connecting with for sustainable business and brand growth.

Before you plan your next marketing campaign, create a detailed customer profile that will support effective marketing. Think about what your customer thinks, feels and believes in and create content that has this in mind.

Thanks for reading and I wish you well on your brand journey.

Rebecca Henshaw

Brand + Marketing Consultant

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