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How to create the ultimate customer profile

Before you start 'hope posting', you need to create a customer profile to understand the best way to support your ideal customer to find, connect and invest with you.


Why it's important to complete customer profiles...

Attracting the attention of your ideal customer requires the creation of content that has the potential to create an emotional connection, followed by inspiration or urgency to take action. The ability to attract attention, evoke a response and connect with the vast social

media audience, (creating raging brand fans and loyal business customers), relies

on your knowledge of your ideal customer.

Your capacity to grow the 'know, like and trust' factor with potential clients, is relative to your knowledge about them. - Rebecca Henshaw

Context is needed to accurately plan evoking content that is deployed over several platforms for digital and social media marketing success. Social media platforms allow us to learn more about, connect with and engage in meaningful relationships with our audience. Furthermore, your opportunity to create and deliver products and services in line with customer need, perception and expectation grows as you know more about your customers. Also - you will get 'more bang for your buck' and see a greater return for the effort you put into content creatin and social interaction.

What is a customer profile?

3 areas or elements that come together to make the ultimate customer profile...


The term ‘demographics’ refers to the age, gender, race, and education of your ideal

customers. Several Social Media platforms will allow you to add ‘customer demographics’ to targeting tools when creating ads or paid promotions. Demographics are general and tend to support a range instead of an exact insight

or fact about a client or customer.


The term ‘socioeconomics’ refers to attributes related to household income, occupation, neighbourhood, and association memberships. Understanding your place in a market also requires an understanding of the socioeconomics of a particular market.


The term ‘psychographics’ refers to data ideas about your customers’ behaviours and beliefs, including personality, hobbies, style, and humour. Understanding this will help

you in knowing how to communicate your message to them in a way that

they will respond to.

The ultimate customer/client profile

Personalising your customer or client profile helps you to ‘get to know them’ and represent them with accurate details as you build a profile. Give your profile a name and start to think and talk about them as a whole person, with empathy and respect.

Download my ultimate customer profile template and guide using the link below:

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