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How to write an inspirational mission statement

Let's start with why it is important to write an inspirational mission statement... then cover the 5 simple steps to write your own inspirational mission statement.

A well written and accurate mission statement will serve yourself, your employees and your customers. Community conscious or centered professional brands and organisations

may passionately outline what it aims to achieve for the greater community.

A mission statement is a summary of business values and aims. It will document the business brand goals, ethics and culture, forming a basis for decision making and brand development. - Rebecca Henshaw

There are 5 key areas to explore, develop and document as you develop your inspirational mission statement - let's go over them now!

1. Your Reward

Recording your motivation and inspiration to do what you do...

Business ownership, management and development is a challenge. When developing

your mission statement, think about what your business gives you, beyond income. A

business can provide many perks and attractive rewards, such as; freedom, opportunity,

education, personal and professional growth, to name a few.

2. Your Brand Story

Explore your unique business brand story...

Think about your customer experiences, issues and needs. How you support them to

overcome issues and meet their needs. This is not part of a mission statement. It is an

exercise to prompt you to consider the value your business brand provides to its

customers and how you have developed this service.

Key questions to ask:

  1. What are my customer needs and how can I meet them?

  2. What issues may my customers experience and how do I support them to overcome them?

  3. What is my customers' experiences and how does that impact how they think and feel?

  4. How can I alleviate potential fear from investing in me/my services and encourage my customers to connect and share with me?

Business is about building relationships. Your brand can often be an introduction. As you design and develop your unique brand, learning about the role you play in the relationship supports you to develop a reliable service and sustainable brand.

3. Your unique goods/service and delivery

Explore and highlight how you are different...

Consider how your service delivery is different, unique and valuable. Outlining what and how you provide services to your customers will highlight how your business brand is the right one for them. Think about how your service delivery provides customers with added benefits or value.

3. Consider employees and associates

Support and celebrate your valued employees, associates or affiliates...

Business success relies on the hard work, passion and dedication of its employees. To

provide great customer service, a business needs to encourage, support and celebrate its

valued employees. If your mission is to provide exceptional customer service, you need to

provide exceptional training and education for employees - who will be providing customer experience, for example.

If you are a self-employed service provider, consider your associates, affiliates, or third-party service providers. A strong network is crucial for the success of your business, think of what you need to provide for them to be able to support your business. Consider how you support staff to confidently represent your business or how you support third party professionals to confidently provide services to business.

5. Develop over time

An inspirational mission statement takes time...

Brainstorming sessions, questionnaires and feedback are important. A mission statement is not just a bunch of empty words placed together to impress. It is a statement that

represents your ‘why’ and should be relatable to employees and customers. If you are self-employed or work alone, seek feedback from people that have used your services or know your work well. Think about how you can gain feedback from others and how you can integrate a plan to develop your mission statement as your brand grows.

Time to start writing!

The hardest part is getting started - so just do it...

Brainstorm, draw, scribble, write and develop your mission statement. Remember to research other inspirational mission statements for ideas, and direction about how to share who you are, what you are aiming to achieve and how you and your brand are unique in the delivery of your services.

TOP TIP: Start with a longer statement and refine it to be more precise and action based.

Let's recap the main points:

  1. Establish your reward - motivation and inspiration.

  2. Consider your brand story - - your unique personality.

  3. Consider your unique goods and services - what and how you deliver them.

  4. Celebrate your employees, affiliates and associates - the people that support you.

  5. Develop over time - reflection and development.

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