AUDIT YOUR BRAND - how to in 5 simple steps!

Updated: May 21

A brand audit should assess the effectiveness of your brand’s performance. The audit process will measure your brand against stated goals in terms of supporting business development, position in your market and your customer's perception of you.

A brand audit should assess the effectiveness of your brand’s performance. The audit process will measure your brand against stated goals in terms of supporting business development, position in your market and your customer's perception of you.

A brand audit allows you to:

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses

  • Establish your performance

  • Create a detailed brand strategy

  • Understand market positioning

A thorough audit will cover 3 main areas. Internal, External and the Customer.

  • Internal factors- is your values, philosophy and mission. Your business culture and how you see and feel about yourself.

  • External influences - is the marketing material and what others see about you. Your print and digital media profiles, platforms, accounts and content.

  • Customer perception - from your customer support and care to policies and procedures for activity such as sales and service provision.

5 simple steps!

Here are my 5 simple steps to assessing your brand, including internal and external factors affecting your growth and development.

Step 1 | Conduct a business assessment

Your brand is what people interact with as they engage with your business. Your brand supports positive communication and promotion of your goods and services, guides staff and can support affiliate relationship development.

  • Current customers - You need to understand who your customers are and what they need and expect from your business and perceive of your brand.

  • Potential customers - Seeking feedback from people that are not your customers can provide additional insight from an alternate perspective.

  • Staff, associates or affiliates - Your brand supports the communication and relationship build between you, your staff, associates and affiliates. Seek their feedback to gain insight from their perspective and experience.

Step 3 | Assess your marketing

Your brand assets give your business it's unique voice and personality during marketing and promotion of your business. An important step in conducting a brand audit is to assess the accuracy of your brand's representation of your business during your marketing activity. You will need to gather information about all marketing activity including digital and print media, performance analytics, merchandise inventory, reach and engagement advice.

Step 4 | Consider the competition

Assessing your top 3 competitor brands can support you to review your unique brand position, pricing, brand and marketing strategy. Brand comparison is about discovering your weakness so you can focus on your strength. You are empowered to potentially exploit competitor weakness and focus your effort in the most accurate position in your industries market.

Step 5 | Organise and review results

As you can see from the several areas you will be researching and assessing, there is a lot of information to be gathered and analysed. Using a template can support you to cover all areas and organise information in an effective and orderly manner.

Once organised, you will need to create a report that comments on the assessment outcomes and future plans for your brand. From here, you need to create an action plan for updating your brand to bring it in line with your business’s mission and goals.

This is a process that needs to be repeated at least every 2 years. Trends, culture and industry standards grow and change. Your business, brand and marketing need to change to stay relevant, connect with your audience, serve customers well and make the most of opportunities.

Employ a professional or go it alone?

Some business owners and Entrepreneurs opt to employ the services of a professional brand consultant to conduct a brand audit or support in strategy development after the audit. It is common for a business owner to have mixed and often negative feelings at the end of a brand audit process. Your business may not have been performing the way you have expected and feelings of disappointment are common.

The important point to remember is that the process is designed to highlight issues and weaknesses. Knowledge of weakness is an opportunity! If you are seeking support through this process contact me here to enquire about private consultancy and support.

Excited to conduct your own brand audit?

Inspired to conduct a brand audit but don't know where to start? Download my Comprehensive Brand Audit Workbook HERE! It covers these 5 steps in more detail in a convenient template style document that guides your brand exploration and reflection.

Before you plan your brand design, re-brand or reflect on business and marketing activity, conduct a brand audit for an informed and contextual analysis of your brand’s performance.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your brand journey.

Rebecca Henshaw

Brand + Marketing Consultant

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