Updated: May 21

Writing an accurate mission statement can be challenging and requires a lot of practice.

A mission statement is a summary of business values and aims. It will document the business brand goals, ethics and culture, forming a basis for decision making and brand development.

A well written and accurate mission statement will service yourself, your employees and customers. Community conscious or cantered professional brands and organisations may passionately outline what it aims to achieve for the greater community.

5 simple steps!

Here are my 5 simple steps to writing an inspirational mission statement.

Step 1 | Outline your reward

Business ownership and management have many positive and negative returns. When developing your mission statement, think about what your business gives you, beyond income. A business can provide many perks and attractive rewards, such as; freedom, opportunity, education, personal and professional growth, to name a few.

Step 2 | Record your brand story

Explore your unique business brand story, by thinking about your customer experiences, issues and needs. How you support them to overcome issues and meet their needs. This is not part of a mission statement. It is an exercise to prompt you to consider the value your business brand provides to its customers and how you have developed this service.

Step 3 | Outline your goods/services

Consider how your service delivery is different, unique and valuable. Outlining what and how you provide services to your customers will highlight how your business brand is unique.

Step 4 | Consider your employees, associates and affiliates

Business success relies on the hard work, passion and dedication of its employees. To provide great customer service, a business needs to encourage, support and celebrate its valued employees. If your mission is to provide exceptional customer service, you need to provide exceptional training and education for employees - who will be providing customer experience, for example.

If you are a self-employed service provider, consider your associates, affiliates, or third-party service providers. A strong network is crucial for the success of your business, think of what you need to provide for them to be able to support your business.

Step 5 | Develop over time

A mission statement takes time. Brainstorming sessions, questionnaires and feedback are important. A mission statement is not just a bunch of empty words placed together to impress. It is a statement that represents your ‘why’ and should be relatable to employees and customers. If you are self-employed or work alone, seek feedback from people that have used your services or know your work well.

Excited to write your inspirational mission statement?

Inspired to write your inspirational mission statement but don't know where to start? Download my 'How To Write An Inspirational Mission Statement' Workbook HERE - It's FREE!

It covers these 5 steps in more detail in a convenient template style document that guides your brand exploration and reflection with prompts and space to record your answers.

Before you plan your brand design, re-brand or reflect on business and marketing activity, think about the motivation and purpose of your personal or business brand. Allow your mission statement to guide you through the tough decisions that are part of business and brand growth and development.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your brand journey.

Rebecca Henshaw

Brand + Marketing Consultant

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