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Documenting your brand story is a valuable exercise, as it will lay foundation for

successful brand marketing. This workbook takes you through the process needed, to define your unique brand personality and traits. Followed by how to align visual assets (fonts, colours and images) to represent your brand.


This comprehensive workbook, includes templates and activities to support you to:

  • Write an inspirational mission statement
  • Define your unique brand
  • Choose and document brand fonts, colours, and imagery
  • Responsibly and legally source and record your visual brand elements, files, and values.
  • Learn how to use your new visual brand elements to create consistent, branded media.


Some clients feel they have a well-documented visual brand and enough elements to create their own wordmark logo at the completion of this workbook. Others have seen the experience as a way to gain brand clarity and have used the workbook and process outcomes to brief a graphic designer for professional brand and logo design on completion of the workbook activities.

D.I.Y Brand Design - workbook

  • A print-friendly PDF workbook of engaging activities that guide you through the design process from gaining brand clarity about the traits of your brand personality, to choosing visual assets (colours, fonts and imagery), to represent your brand. 

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