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My name is Rebecca Henshaw, a mum, a wife, a co-director of the family business, and freelance designer. BUT...

It's taken a few diplomas, TAFE certificates and jobs across a dozen industries for me to figure out that 'who I am' is not determined by academia, a job or a career. It's taken motherhood *almost* breaking me to realise that being a mum, a wife, business partner, friend etc... are relationships and roles - not who I am, not at the core.

Are we human doings or human beings?

Because I'm great at the doing... not so much the being. So I challenged myself to 'do less' and 'be more'. All hobbies, hustle, study and so on... stopped! I got really bored! A challenge for a doer is to stop doing and 'be'. Silence, still, less are becoming great teachers. All the years of searching externally - I had all I needed within!


So, about me... I don’t really know... maybe my 40's will enlighten me - hello 2023!

Read about my roles, professional pursuits and learn a little more about me below.


- Dedicated mum of 2 beautiful boys, 9 and 16 years old.
- Loyal wife of loving husband, Bryan Henshaw.
- Inspired creative over
- Creative pic snaps @phonetography.creative

I am a lover of winter, snow and the cold. I prefer to swim and enjoy the beach early in the morning, catching the sunrise and the first warm rays on my shoulders. A foodie that has battled disordered eating and obesity most of my life. I have embarked on a transformation journey that inspired e to look within and live for today - a practice that I engage in daily.

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- Co- Director of Henshaw Business Management.
- Graphic Designer
- Sidekick at @scopedatanetworks

2022 saw me make an incredibly difficult decision to pause nutrition study and support my husband to build and scale Scope Data Networks.  I became his trusty sidekick, designing and installing data networks, WIFI and CCTV / access control systems. 

View my professional pursuits and study timeline HERE.


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